The following Q.&A  lists questions from our students over the past years.  If your question is not address here please contact us and give us an opportunity to respond.  Call  248.892.5626 or 248.579.4221

What can I expect to get out of your sessions?

We explain to you the fundamentals of the golf swing. You are going to understand how the golf swing works and how each part of the body impacts the swing. We then provide you with a variety of drills and exercises needed to ingrain the fundamentals into your muscle memory. Then comes our flawless pre-set routine that brings it all together and recalls the muscle memory to execute a consistent and more powerful golf swing resulting in significantly lower scores. You will be able to feel when you are not swinging the club correctly and you will now know how to self correct. You will now practice and play with purpose. You then become your own coach. 


Are you going to change my swing? 

Frequently, golfers would like to take a golf lesson, but they want us to work with the golf swing they have—that is, they don't want to make any major changes to their golf swing. If you are interested in becoming a better golfer, but won't change your golf swing, just what is it that is going to make you a better golfer? We are out of magic dust. The quality of your golf swing is the major component determining the level of your play. We are going to teach you how to improve the fundamentals of your golf swing as it is solid fundamentals that are the basis for improving your swing and playing with accuracy and consistency. And correct golf swing fundamentals are what good golf instructors teach. You may be comforted to know that good instructors who teach fundamentals do tailor their teaching to the individual. Consider giving the same instruction to 10 different people, you would see 10 variations with the students a month later. Obviously since the goal is the same, the feedback will have to be different in order to get each of them heading in the right direction. While golf swing fundamentals apply to every golfer, the path to learning those fundamentals depends on how each individual reacts to the instruction.

How long does it take to "build" a golf swing? 

We have found that it typically takes about six months for the student to be able to maintain their body angles and sequences. It is recommended that you engage in instruction until "built", then you will be able to 'feel' when you are not in the proper position or sequence and then have the confidence in your ability to self correct. Basically, you are built for life.

Does your program require any training equipment? 

Yes. We highly recommend the use of a weighted swing training club. We will show you how to use this valuable tool correctly to build, maintain and repair your swing for the rest of your life. We do have these clubs available. We also recommend the use of our basic drills reminder DVD. This valuable tool is used to make sure you are executing the drills and exercises correctly. Practicing the drills incorrectly can result in building incorrect swing mechanics. We also insist on the use of a mirror and yardsticks to build your swing. We will instruct you on how to use these tools correctly and explain the absolute necessity of using them.


Do you teach beginners? 

Absolutely! Our sessions are fantastic for beginners. Beginners usually have no idea where, or how to swing the club right. We explain to you the mechanics of the golf swing. You are going to understand how the golf swing works and how each part of the body impacts the swing. We then provide you with a variety of drills and exercises that will ingrain the mechanics into your muscle memory. Beginners have no bad habits to break and our sessions can cut years off the learning process compared to golfers who didn’t take proper instruction early on in their golfing careers. Beginners will feel relaxed and confident with our sessions.


Do you teach seniors? 

Yes we do. In fact, as golfers get older, it is important to use solid mechanics to make up for declining strength, flexibility and balance. We work with you to allow your golf game to adapt to your changing body. These sessions are designed for all levels of players – including those with special needs. We find most seniors adapt to our swing mechanics much better than what they have been doing for years. We have many clients in their 70s and 80s that have made tremendous improvement in their golf games and wishing “someone had taught me this swing years ago”


I only play golf occasionally, should I take lessons?

Yes!! In fact our sessions are perfect for the occasional golfer. You see, once your swing is built and you have attained the muscle memory status you can pull out the video and practice drills a couple of weeks before your outing to refresh and stretch out and then use our flawless pre set routine to recall your “muscle memory” and the results will please you and amaze your golfing buddies.


Should I buy new clubs before I take lessons?  

We don't normally recommend it. As your swing mechanics improve, it is quite likely that your swing specs will change and impact length, lie, shaft flex and others components of club fitting. That being said, most golfers can find immediate increases in distance and accuracy by playing clubs that match their swing. 


Do you offer gift certificates? 

Yes, we have gift certificates for all of our sessions.


Do you use video for instruction? 

Video is an excellent tool for viewing a golf swing.  For golfers who want to study these motions, video is invaluable. You also have available to you the use of our state-of-the-art Golf Simulator and Golf Swing Analyzer. By the use of sophisticated software the instructor is able to analyze the students swing mistakes and concentrate on those areas that require improvement.  


Dynamic Swing Analysis measures:

Club face angle 
Swing path 
Angle of attack
Swing tempo 
Toe and heel height 
Sweet spot deviation
Club head speed