At Pure Swing Golf Academy 'We Build Golf Swings'... build your swing first, then the ball just gets in the way of the swing!

The golf swing is about spine angle and sequences. 

We show you how to build and maintain your spine angle and sequence.

We don't just watch you hit a bucket of balls...we show you how to train your body to learn the proper spine angle and sequences for a consistent, repeatable golf swing that lasts a lifetime! 

"One of the greatest feelings in golf is when you achieve that perfect impact position and the effortlessness that accompanies it."


We explain to you the mechanics of the golf swing. You are going to understand how the golf swing works and how each part of the body impacts the swing. The golf swing is about spine angle and sequences. We then provide you with a variety of drills and exercises that will ingrain the mechanics into your muscle memory. You are now going to be able to "feel" the correct golf swing. "Feel" is something that golf teaching professionals have been trying  to teach since the game began. With the ability to “feel” the correct golf swing, you now have the ability to self correct. You then become your own coach. You can take this swing to whatever level you choose, from the occasioanl golfer who wants to play well, to the person who wants to make the tour, we can give you the tools to make it happen. 


Then comes our flawless pre-set routine that brings it all together and recalls the muscle memory to execute a consistent and more powerful golf swing resulting in significantly lower scores. You will now practice and play with purpose.  

The Academy teaches sound swing fundamentals that places the student on the correct swing plane so they can deliver the club head consistently and accurately time after time. We call it the Ferris Wheel vs. the Merri-Go-Round and is based on the sound principals of the golf swing of Ben Hogan.  

Video is an excellent tool for viewing a golf swing. For golfers who want to study these motions, video is invaluable. You also have available to you the use of our state-of-the-art Golf Simulator and Golf Swing Analyzer. By the use of sophisticated software the instructor is able to analyze the students swing mistakes and concentrate on those areas that require improvement.