Here are some comments from students and recollections of our iinstructors: 

“In all my years of playing golf I finally found someone who is teaching me the right way to swing a golf club. Working with Penny is fun. She is patient, understands my golf swing problems, and is detailed in her instruction. After just one lesson I understood completely how the golf swing works and most important I knew exactly what I needed to work on to improve my swing”.  I am 70 yrs old and the guys I play with now call me 'spanky' because I am hitting the ball so far. I also got my first hole in one.

Hank Kettelhodt 

                                                                                                                                                          Director of Sales, 

                                                                                                                                                               Yes Video                                          


Al Hamilton: Comments after his first session:

"Well, so far Penny was able to pick out exactly what I knew was wrong. I have been practicing what she has instructed me to do and I am getting better already. 

I was home practicing and my friend came over and was watching what I was doing and he went golfing the next day and said "Wow, I was hitting 280 yarders" after applying just a couple of the ideas. He said “Wow!” that set up routine is amazing and really makes a difference ."


Ben Go

Penny White is an awesome golf pro/instructor. Not only does she tell you the flaws in your swing, but she also makes you understand why and how you  make these flaws. I've had several golf instructiors in the past, and none of them have made me understand the concept of the swing like Penny has. Some of my friends have doubted me at first (i.e. going to a female pro), guess who's signing up now? Thanks Penny.

Jacob Smith

I took two lessons with Penny and it made perfect sense. For the first time I found a golf instructor that actually knows what they are doing and most importantly isn't talking on the phone or just standing there watching me hit a bucket of balls and telling me to "practice more". I got real results, real fast, it was unbelievable!!  Well, I wanted more lessons and I came in on my initial two lessons on a daily deal and you can only do that once. I admit it I am I bought lessons somewhere else on a deal and you know what? it was a waste of money. I got right on the phone to Penny and told her I was coming back for lessons and bringing my wife. There really is a difference...the price is actually a great deal as here you actually get better and fast. Just remember you have to continue to be seen until you are 'built' and no other pro can do it.  We pay all that money to play golf this is a small price to pay to play golf well. I learned my lesson and Penny I am with you until I am built. Thank you so much for being so great at what you do and making it so easy to understand and execute. Your simple statement "if you practice you'll get better...if you don't, you won't" is so true. Just do the drills and exercises and you will be amazed at how much better you will get and how fast it will happen. Thank you, you are the best!

Randy Yatooma

"Being a hockey player you could say I was used to hitting an object on the ground with a stick. But when it came to Golf, boy was I wrong. Everything I was doing was incorrect and just felt awkward. After my first lesson with Penny White my form was corrected and it was a lot more comfortable, not to mention my shot had height and straight."

Penny really knows what she's teaching, and I keep looking forward to the rest of my lessons.

Ben Kevern.  His first session was in a group clinic in April 2011 with Penny.  He didn't play golf well and by his third session in early July his comments were:

"None of my friends want to play golf with me anymore, because I am playing so well and beating all of them"  

"If you just follow the pre-set routine it's automatic". (he said with a giggle as he was executing the pre-set routine)

He could barely hit the ball at his first lesson and now he's spanking a one iron.  

JoAnne Purkie– complete beginner.  During her first lesson stated that the only other time she attempted to hit a golf ball she did not hit one ball in the entire bucket, after her first session with Penny she hit every ball in the bucket and hit them in the air and straight. She commented that the lesson makes perfect sense and loves that she now knows how to think.

Nathan Wloch

So I know you told us to stay off the course for a little while but unfortunately I am on a league and that isn't an option. So I ended up golfing last tuesday a mere 3 days after my lesson with you and didn't have a good result at all. I think it was hard to incorporate the new swing so soon. I am a 12 handicap golfer and shot a 53 (not good even for me). My contact was a little off and it got to my head after the first few holes. I ended up reverting totally back to my previous swing for the last 2 holes just so I could make contact. I was hanging my head in shame.
I took it upon myself to go hit some buckets over the next week. I watched the dvd. Practiced, practiced, practiced. I started feeling very confident after the range time.
I am happy to report that today I had the best round with the fewest mistakes that I have had in a while. Only one double, a few pars, and even a birdie. I shot a 43 (31 net) and felt I could have done much better. Through the round I could feel when my swing was a little off and what I had to do to correct it. I was hitting my irons with a lot more consistency. My driver still needs a little work but on the last hole after having some really good swings over the last few holes I nailed my driver 270 yards dead center down the fairway with what I felt was a soft swing. 140 yards to the green with an 8 iron that bounced 10 yards short and went 3 feet past the hole dead straight. Easiest birdie put I have had in a while. My dad even commented on the awesome round I had and how much better my swing looked.
I am so pumped to get out and work on the muscle strength and muscle memory. I am a believer. The only thing I am afraid of is that my handicap is going to go down : (I guess that is a good thing too. I will definately recommend your services whenever possible.
Thank you so much,

Nathan Wloch

Patrick Poolie

I knew after just one minute of talking to Penny on the phone that she was an instructor who really knows how the golf swing works. I had been calling several other local pros and she is the only one that made any sense at all (out of 6 that I had called before her). After our first session, I knew I made the right choice. Penny was able to pick out the tiniest of things that made a huge difference in my swing. She really knows how the whole body effects the swing and I now understand how the golf swing really works. No one seems to be able to explain that. I am so excited that I finally found a golf instructor that has actually made a difference in my swing. I now ":practice with purpose" and the improvement is amazing!! I am just amazed and can't wait to play golf this season. Penny is the ONLY instructor in town!!!

Mike and Laren Dougherty

We are both beginners and we wanted to take golf lessons because our jobs have golf outings and we don't participate because we don't know how to play golf. Well our first lesson was really fun and we learned so much. We have a lot to practice and it all makes perfect sense. Penny took so much extra time with us and was so patient, she didn't ever seem to get frustrated when we had difficulty and answered all of our questions no matter how dumb they may have been. Penny really explains the golf swing very well and I really understand how it works and why I am doing what I am doing and what the end results will be. We actually hit golf balls very well after just one session. We will be back for more lessons.

Paul Dzwigalski

I scheduled my first lesson only 3 days before my big golf outting. I knew it was ridiculous to think that I could improve in that short of time, but I was where I was. The lesson was unlike any other I had ever had. I actually learned something, Penny just didn't watch me hit a bucket of balls. She actually explained how the golf swing works and it made perfect sense. She gave me some drills to practice and a pre set routine that was exactly what I was looking for. I never had a set way of setting up to the ball. I practiced, Penny even called me to make sure I was practicing correctly and gave me some more "thoughts", she really cares. I practiced as much as I could and when it came to my outting I played awesome. I couldn't believe how well I played so soon after attempting to make changes to my swing, it was awesome. My drives were farther and straighter than anyone else's (and I used my 3 wood compared to everyone else using their dirver) and that set my confidence for the day. My team won the scramble and I held my own with colleagues who are avid golfers. I cannot wait for my next lessons and I look forward to playing golf very well for the rest of my life. Do yourself a favor and get lessons from Penny now, you will be glad you did. Thank you Penny and thank you for caring so much and giving so much extra of your time.