Each of our private lesson students is presented with our training DVD containing a series of swing drills developed over a period of time.  It offers helpful drills to remind the student that practice is imperative for one to improve their golf game. But obviously there is more to it than that. Practice the wrong things, or the wrong way, and you might find yourself getting worse. However, if you practice the right things, the right way, you can't help but improve. This DVD  will make sure you are practicing the right way.


"Using a Weighted Club to Build, Repair and Maintain Your Address Position, Extension and to keep your club on plane". 

Here at Pure Swing Golf Academy we strongly advocate the continued use of the weighted swing training golf club to build, maintain and repair your swing.  

We instruct the student on the proper use of this training device.  We prefer the weight and design of the Intech Swing Trainer Club which is designed at the length of a standard 8 iron with a molded training grip for proper hand positioning.  

We have an inventory of the Intech Training Clubs and will make them available to our students.



A useful training aid in the White's method is the students' use of our   state-of-the-art Golf Simulator and Golf Swing Analyzer. By the use of this golf swing software, the student can analyze certain swing mistakes and concentrate on those areas that require improvement. This is only a tool and confirmation of swing improvement and not to be relied upon for swing corrections. The student will feel when their swing is not correct and can rely on the knowledge, swing routines and drills worked on with their instructor to bring their swing to correct positions and sequences. Once built, the student will become immediately self correcting, not needing a visual aid to fix their mistakes. 


Video is an excellent tool for viewing a golf swing. The video allows our eyes to see the many motions made by the body and by the club. For golfers who want to study these motions, video is invaluable. You also have available to you the use of our state-of-the-art Golf Simulator and Golf Swing Analyzer. Video is an excellent tool for viewing a golf swing